Learn how to play Drive On by Avalanche City

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Difficulty: Novice
Tuning: Standard Tune Your Guitar
Capo: 8th
G    Em7

G   Bm   Em   Em

C9   Em7   A7sus4  A7sus4

C9      Em7   
C9      Em7   A7sus4 

C9   Em7   C9   Em7
C9   Em7   A7sus4   A7sus4

Sing along

In the car on the way to the city
In the morning it was foggy on the windscreen
We talked about the day ahead
And shouldn't we just run away instead
We started to believe our dreams
And I just kept driving right past the exit
Throwing our cellphones out of the window
Yelling at the city goodbye we won't miss you

I knew now that our life's on track
As I felt the strength down in my bones come back
You smile at me and I at you
Cause this is all we ever wanted to do

So to the South now with our hearts alive
And our heads free of worry that our lives provide
Off far in the distance almost out of sight
Goodbye to city days, so long to city nights

So believing every word we say
I drove on until the break of day
A smile stretched from my ears to yours
There's nothing a bit of fresh breeze won't cure
Go on, you said
Drive on, you said
Go on, go on

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