Learn how to play Left For America by Ciaran Lavery

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Difficulty: Novice
Tuning: Standard Tune Your Guitar
Capo: 4th

F C F C Am7 G 


F C Am7 G 


F Fm C G Am7 G F Fm C 

Sing along

Lay me on my back a little and put my hat on my head
I want to sleep out with the stars, not in the dark with the dead
When I’m ready I’ll give you the sign, you can gather me up like a quilt
Tell my mother I tried, tell my cousin I lied; I was holding your hand out of guilt

They never paid my way – I bought it
I never stole your heart – I sought it
I never knew my place anyway

Cover me up with a thousand whispers and shuffle me into the night
Whistle and hum to the traffic rum, calling us closer to the edge of the light
Tell me tales that win my faith and be my champion of dreams
I don’t want to forget the day I left for America and things came apart at the seams

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